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Shakespeare Festival

Utah is just one of those towns that is celebrated for her immense contributions in promoting Arts and Culture through theatre and dance performances. One of the most outstanding festivities in Utah that draws millions of people yearly is the Utah Shakespearean Festival, which consists the theatrical production of a host of plays and productions by the seasoned and world acclaimed poet and dramatist, William Shakespeare, and a few works of other artists.

Cedar City Shakespeare Festival
Photo Credit: Phil Kalina

The Shakespeare Festival came to light in 1961 by the creative conception of high school drama teacher Fred C. Adams, who realized the need for students to come together and gain more experiences and understanding on the works of William Shakespeare by staging their own version of his works, while acquiring valuable knowledge from on-field experienced and professional actors, dancers, and technicians. The festival is a repertory production of Shakespearean works by professional performers, that also gives room for about 110 colleges and high schools, with over 3000 students who come together and to create great performances, all centered around the works of Shakespeare.

The Utah Shakespeare Festival has gained recognition worldwide and in the year 2000, it was recognized with America's Outstanding Regional Theatre Tony Award, which was jointly presented by the League of American Theatre and producers, and the American theatre Wing. The following year, it was also awarded with an Award for Distinguished service in arts and Artistic Productions by the National Governors Association.

The Shakespeare Festival which takes place in Southern Utah University offers an additional tweak to the excitement of tourist who visit the exciting town of Utah; It is worth treating yourself and or your family to an exciting theatrical performance of either Hamlet, Scapin, Stones in his Pocket, and or any of the other interesting playwrights and musical performances, after a long hiking, biking, or ATV riding trip to the Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, or any other national parks around Southern Utah.

As you take your place in the Randall Jones or Adams Theatre, the professional performers would transcend you back in time, right into the mind of Shakespeare, as you as you are intrigued by their spectacular performances and costumes, while you also benefit from the “in the book” feeling and experience. The Utah Shakespeare Festival incorporates other interesting activities such as an orientation program which introduces you the festival, so that you have a clue as to what is going on and when. You also have the opportunity of enjoying “The Greenshow”, which is a colorful showcase of song, dance and stories from the past. You also have the option of witnessing the Matinee performance in the Auditorium theatre, and also have a 90 minutes backstage peep into backstage equipment and all the facilities used in ensuring that you have brilliant performances on-stage. Literary seminars are also often held to discuss issues concerning previously performed shows and performances.

To complement the beautiful experiences you are sure to experience during the Utah Shakespeare Festival, there are beautiful mountain houses, Hotels, Motels, Inns and resorts that would provide adequate accommodation to suite your needs. Southern Utah being a main tourist center, hosts a variety of internationally recognized lodging facilities that are close enough to Southern Utah University, which hosts the festival. The cuisine around this area is also renowned for its excellence, so you can always be sure of a fine meal that would always keep you in the festive mood throughout your experience in the Utah Shakespeare Festivities.