August 26, 2011

Why does Cedar City have a light house?

Have you ever wondered why there is a light house right in the middle of the southern Utah desert?  Now you can find out!

The Providence Center Lighthouse

The Providence Center Lighthouse was the idea of Thomas Pugh and constructed by the Quantum Development Group. For many years, the Quantum Development Group had been working on many of the Rocky Mountain region’s most unique projects (Thanksgiving Point, Riverwoods, Gateway
Technology Center, etc…) and when they were asked to develop the Providence Center, they knew that this project needed something different that would make the Providence Center known by everyone and would create a buzz about the project.

After working on several ideas, Thomas Pugh decided that a Lighthouse would give the area a landmark and give the city something that would attract attention. The lighthouse has accomplished both of those things. The lighthouse is ninety feet tall and at a 5,236 foot elevation it is the tallest inland lighthouse. It has ninety-two and a half steps inside the lighthouse that lead to the top and there is a working light guiding people from I-15 to the Southern Utah’s largest shopping and dining centers. In the past, the lighthouse was open for public events. Currently it is only opened for very special occasions. At the present time, more than 45 couples have become engaged at the top of the lighthouse.

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