November 10, 2012

Veterans Day Story

On February 27,2011  the last surviving World War I veteran passed away at the age of 110 years.  His name was Frank Woodruff Buckles.

Born in 1901, Frank Buckles lived and was educated in Missouri.  He enjoyed country living until his family moved to a frontier town in Oklahoma.  There he attended high school and worked at a bank until the Great War began.

At 16 years old, Buckle claimed he was 21 years and tried enlisting in the Marine Corp and the Navy but was rejected because of his size and flat feet.  After trying the Army, he was accepted and trained in trench casualty retrieval and ambulance operations.  During the war, we served in England and France, and after Armistice Day, he drove German prisoners of war back to Germany.

During World War II, he was working for a shipping company moving cargo in the Philippines.  He was captured by the Japanese and was imprisoned for 3 1/2 years as a civilian prisoner, but was rescued in 1945.

Buckle later married, had a daughter, and moved to a farm in West Virginia where he lived and worked until his death at 110 years of age.

Thank you for your service, Frank Buckles, and thank you to all our veterans.

Last Surviving WWI Veteran

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