August 23, 2012

USF “Scapin” Reviews

As the summer season for the Shakespeare Festival is coming to a close soon, it seems redundant to discuss the synopses of plays or try to provide greater insight.  Therefore, I thought we could provide a service to our guests by collecting some reviews about a couple of plays that you may have thought about seeing, but weren’t sure of.  Hopefully, this will help you to decide if the play is a good fit for you.

Scapin, the modern adaptation of Molier’es “Le Fourberie de Scapin,” is the lightest of all six plays this season, and can provide relief from some rather heavy topics.  Here is what others had to say about it:

“Colors and sounds bombard you, creating a feast for the senses….Fun but bawdy.”-Carole Mikita, Deseret News

“I love seeing actors have that much fun on stage…featured a sampling of familiar tunes from pop culture….hysterical references the the Festival itself and the season.”-Paige Guthrie, Utah Theater Bloggers Staff & Reviewer

“So weedthick and slapstick that the cast rib, slap and beat eachother with plastic clubs-for real…If you’re taking kids with you to this year’s festival, save ‘Scapin’ for dessert after main courses such as ‘Mary Stuart,’ ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ or Titus Andronicus.’”-Ben Fulton, Salt Lake Tribune

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