June 5, 2012

32nd Annual Paiute Restoration Gathering and Pow Wow

This weekend the Paiute Indian Tribe will be hosting the 32nd Annual Paiute Restoration Gathering and Pow Wow.  Come check it out.

When:  June 8th & 9th

Where:440 North Paiute Drive, Cedar City UT 84721


The Pow-Wow is the Indian way of celebrating life and heritage. To the observer, this appears as entertainment or theatrics. Besides singing and dancing, the Pow-Wow is to renew old friendships and to form new ones.

At many Pow Wows there is a Northern Drum and a Southern Drum. There is no limit on drum groups to participate and each drum group comes to participate and compete against each other.

The Dance Arena
The Dance Arena or Arbor can be any open ground large enough to accommodate all participants and observers. The arena has a speaker’s platform where the Master of Ceremonies (MC) sits. The MC has the job of keeping all of the participants and the audience informed of the activities of the day and also the appropriate times when recording and pictures are not to be taken. The audience’s cooperation is well-appreciated at these times. The observers may sit in the surrounding area. Once the dancing has started, the dance area has been “consecrated” for the duration of the Pow-Wow and organized activities may be conducted within the dance arena. Running through the arena at random or children playing in the dance area is prohibited. The arena director has the obligation of maintaning the sanctity of the arena during the Pow-Wow.

Proper Attire
The appropriate term for Naitive Clothing is “Regalia.” All dancers should be dressed in proper attire according to which category they are competing in. There are many different types of dancers. The Fancy Dancers are the most vigorous. The Men Fancy Dancers wear bustles, either one or two, and they have very colorful feathers. Women Fancy Shawl Dancers have very beautiful colored shawls with fringe and beautifully beaded and non-beaded capes. The Grass Dancers have outfits made of yarn, which depicts the swaying of grass. Jingle Dress Dancers have dresses made of seven rows of cones depicting seven stages of life. The most respected dancers of all of them are the Traditional Dancers, both men and women. They dance with grace and pride. It is most respectful of the observers to stand while the Traditional Dancers have their exhibition. The removal of hats is also appropriate.

General Pow-Wow Procedure
The Head man and Head Lady Dancers are selected by the Paiute Activities Committee before the Pow-Wow. It is an honor to be selected as one of the Head Dancers. They are the first to begin dancing on each song. Everyone waits in respect for the head men and head women to begin.

The Grand Entry
The audience is requested to stand while the flags are presented and until all the dancers enter the Pow-Wow arena.

The Invocation
All are to stand while one of the Tribal Elders says a prayer.

Intertribal Dancing
This is a social form of traditional dance. Dancers are not competing with each other but are cementing old friendships and are making new ones. Anyone can participate in this dance.

Sometimes an individual or a family will request time to have a “giveaway.” This is done out of grattitude or to pay social honor to an individual. It is the gesture, not the gift, that is important. This procedure usually takes some time, patience, and courtesy.

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May 15, 2012

Safely View the Solar Eclipse

Sunday May 20th, thousands of people will be gathering in Southern Utah to view the spectacular sight of a solar eclipse.  The eclipse will begin at 6:22 PM and finish at 8:37 PM.  The annular will be visible from 7:31-7:36.

We want to make sure that all of our guests have a fun and safe experience, so we thought we’d share a few safety tips and options for viewing.

1.  Eclipse glasses are an inexpensive and safe way to view an eclipse.  Make sure the glasses have “CE” printed on them, showing that they are safety certified.  Visitors can order them online at www.rainbowsymphonystore.com/gensolecshad.html or pick them up at the Iron County Visitor’s Center for FREE (first come, first served.)  Inspect your glasses for any damage before looking directly at the sun.

2.  If you are using a telescope filter, DO NOT use one that fits over the eye piece.  This can seriously damage your eyes.  Instead, be sure to use a filter that fits over the FRONT END of the telescope.  Devices such as binoculars and telescopes concentrate energy from the sun in a similar way to magnifying glasses.  (Picture the little pyromaniac child that tortures ants and burns leaves.)  So if you don’t want your eyes to suffer the same fate as those ants, make sure you are using a proper telescope filter.

3.  A number 14 welders glass can be used.  However, you should not layer glasses of smaller numbers that add up to 14.  A stack of two 7 glasses to does not provide the same protection as a 14 glass!

4.  The classic pinhole projection is a guaranteed safe way to view the eclipse.  Instructions for making one can be found at http://www.exploratorium.edu/eclipse/how.html.

No matter how you decide to view this amazing phenomenon, make sure you protect your eyes first and foremost…..

….And be sure you book your room with us soon.  We are already sold out for Saturday the 19th but still have a handful of rooms for Sunday the 20th.

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April 21, 2012

Photo Contest in Southern Utah

Contest — Hidden Gems of Southern Utah

10808464_s (2).jpg

Hidden Gems of Southern Utah

Photo Contest.

Sponsored by Cedar City/Brian Head Tourism Bureau

& Alive! Utah

It’s obvious, we love Southern Utah here at Alive! Utah. We especially love its sweeping vistas, hidden waterfalls, rugged trails, sunsets, mountain glades and breathtaking views. So we are ready to reward some adventurous photographers in our First Annual Hidden Gems Photo contest. Photo contest opens on April 7th, 2012 and closes on June 7th 2012.

The Theme:


We are looking for scenery photos in this contest. Whether they are sweeping vistas or close-up macro photography they should reflect our theme — Hidden Gems of Southern Utah. We want to see your view on Southern Utah and we are looking to see the hidden nooks and crannies of a slot canyon or the way the shadow dances across the plateaus and cliffs found in our valleys and mountains. We have some of the most varied and vast topography and scenery in the world – well we think so anyway. Show it to us.

A few hints; Pay attention these are important.

Think outside the Zion Narrows.

OK we love the Narrows and we want to see those amazing photos too. But make sure you don’t show us the same stuff we have already seen in a thousand other photos. Reveal Southern Utah.

At least one of our top prizes will be of Iron County. The sponsor’s choice photo prize is for an Iron County photo.

We only accept photos digitally. So please don’t send us the hard copy. We are an online magazine and that is how we roll. See our official submission rules.


Photo Prizes and Judging

Entries will be judged by a panel of 5 judges including the editor of Alive! Utah, the sponsor Cedar City/Brian Head Tourism Bureau, Alive! Utah contributing photographers, Abbey Kyhl and Karynn Jorgensen and Alive! Utah graphic and style designer, Justin Jenkins.

12 Finalists will be chosen by judges from entries and will be posted on Alive! Utah. The Grand Prize will be chosen by our judging panel, People’s choice will be chosen by readers’ votes and the sponsor’s choice will be chosen by Cedar City/Brian Head Tourism Bureau.

The Top 12 Finalists will be posted anonymously on Alive! Utah between June 15th and June 30th for the chance to win the people’s choice award through reader’s votes.

Grand Prize: $100 prize and publication in Alive! Utah as well as the opportunity to sell their artwork on Alive! Utah.

People’s Choice: $50 cash prize and publication in Alive! Utah as well as the opportunity to sell their artwork on Alive! Utah. This prize will be awarded based on reader voting.

Sponsor’s Choice: $25 cash prize and publication in Alive! Utah as well as the opportunity to sell their artwork on Alive! Utah. This prize goes to a photo taken in Iron County.

Honorable mentions: Publication in Alive! as well as the opportunity to sell their artwork on Alive! Utah.

Final winners will be announced in our July Issue of Alive! Utah.


Please read our official rules by clicking here. We don’t want to disqualify you because you didn’t follow the rules.


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March 8, 2012

Waterfalls in Southern Utah

Spring is the best time of year to visit Southern Utah in search of some amazing waterfalls!  When the mountain snows begin to melt, dozens of seasonal waterfalls appear, but they’re only available for a short time.

Steven Heath, Cedar City local, shares information on a few waterfalls along Camp Creek and Taylor Creek, just south of Cedar City.  You can visit all six falls in about three hours, including driving time.  It will make for an excellent afternoon adventure!

“The historic and beautiful falls on the lower part of Taylor Creek are the easiest to get to.  From the New Harmony exit on I-15, travel south on the old highway on the east side of the freeway to the park boundary fence.  Just across the fence is Taylor Creek.  Cross the fence and walk towards the cliffs.  The first waterfall is a few hundred yards upstream, and is about ten feet high.  Fortunately,  it can be by-passed by scrambling up the right bank just below the falls.  Continue upstream another 200 or 300 yards to the next waterfall, which drops about 25 feet.  John D. Lee hid from U.S. Marshals near here in the spring of 1859 and used it for bathing.  From his hillside camp above the waterfall, he could see his New Harmony farm with his spyglass and also detect any who approached his camp.

Return to your vehicle and drive north toward Kanarraville.  Turn east off the highway at the Chekshani Cliffs sub-division.  Follow the roads eastward on the north side of the housing development.  Right after you cross Camp Creek, drive eas to a small parking area.  Re-enter the park through the gate and follow the path south, then east to the Lower Camp Creek Fall.  It is an impressive waterfall the drops about 75 feet.  After your visit, return to your vehicle and proceed north to the base of a rugged jeep road, which leads to the water tank above.  Walk up the steep road to the tank, then east up a steeper old road until you see Camp Creek below.  From this ridge you can see the Upper Camp Creek Fall.  The adventurous can descend to the creek below and walk up to this waterfall.  Two additional falls can be seen by walking downstream toward the Lower Camp Creek Fall.”

Hope you enjoy!

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February 23, 2012

Annular Solar Eclipse in Southern Utah

Video: Annular Eclipse in Australia 2002

An annular solar eclipse will be occuring on May 20, 2012, and Southern Utah is the perfect location to experience this extraordinary phenomenon.  An annular eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun, completely blocking out the light except for a bright ring outlining the moon’s circumference.

Just 15 minutes south of Cedar City on I-15, the small town of Kanaraville lies in the sweet spot for viewing the eclipse.  Thousands of astronomical enthusiasts are expected to flood the area to be in the perfect line of sight for this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

If you want to see the perfect ring, don’t view this eclipse from any other location! Be sure to call ahead and book your room early to guarantee your spot.

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February 5, 2012

Events in Cedar City

Cedar City Music Arts, Orchestra of Southern Utah, and Southern Utah University are presenting a great line-up of events this season.  Be sure to check out what is happening this week!

Tuesday, February 7th- Patty Larkin Concert, America’s Premier, Pop/Folk, Singer/Songwriter, held 7:00pm at St Jude’s Episcopal Church (70 N 200 W, Cedar City). Suggested donation levels are $15 adults & $10 students / seniors. A portion of the proceed will be donated to Groovefest American Music Festival.

Thursday, February 9th- Cedar City Music Arts presents the international favorite opera ‘La Boheme’ held 7:30pm in the Heritage Center (105 N 100 E, Cedar City) admission is $30 for adults and $15 for students and can be purchased at the Heritage Center Box Office 435-865-2882.

Thurs. & Fri. February 9th & 10th - Journeys: Faculty Dance Concert held 7:30pm Thurs – Sat in the Auditorium Theatre (SUU Campus, 351 W University Blvd, Cedar City). Admission is $10 adults and $5 youth. For information call 435-865-8800, or www.suu.edu/arts.

February 9th- March 10th- Art & Design SUU Faculty Art Exhibition Noon to 7:00pm Tuesday – Saturday in the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery (SUU campus) FREE admission. View the remarkable works the faculty has been working on during the year. For information call 435-586-5432 or visit www.suu.edu/pva/artgallery/

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November 10, 2011

Recycle in Cedar City

November 15th is America Recycles Day!

To celebrate and promote recycling in Cedar City, the Southern Utah Recycling Coalition, Southern Utah Recycling Enterprise, Center for Sustainability, Virgin Vally Recycling and others are sponsoring events in town.

There will be a FREE showing of the movie “Wasteland” at the SUU Sharwan Smith Living Room at 10 a.m.-12 p.m.  An informational booth will be available to answer questions about recycling in Cedar City. Also, free lunch (first come first serve) and giveaways will be provided to those in attendance.

At 2 p.m-5:30 p.m. in the Smith’s parking lot, there will be FREE food, prizes, music, education and entertainment for all ages.  Come learn about our recycling options in Cedar City.  All participants will recieve prizes.  Come enjoy a warm cup of cocoa or cider, and meet the amazing peopole invovled in recycling in the area.

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October 31, 2011

Watch the Summer Sun Go To Its Winter Home

When: Saturday, November 5, 2011 @ 7:30 AM

Where: Parowan Gap Petroglyphs National Register of Historical Sites

What: Observe the natural phenomenon that reminded the native americans of Southern Utah to prepare for the up-coming winter.

“This is the most amazing event of all the events to be observed at the Gap,” said event coordinator/interpreter Nancy Dalton, who explained, “that before and after Nov. 6-8, the morning sun will pass through the Overseer’s mouth, but only on these three days will the sun enter his mouth and sit, and sit, and sit and – gulp – the Overseer swallows the sun.  Thus, telling the American Indian people that the Summer Sun has gone into its winter home, and if they have not prepared for winter weather, then they better be moving south quickly.”

Along with watching the Summer Sun go into its winter home, the event will include a walking interpretive tour of the Gap and its many petroglyphs.  Those attending the event are strongly encouraged to wear winter coats, hats and gloves, as the winter wind through the Gap can be quite chilly.

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August 26, 2011

Why does Cedar City have a light house?

Have you ever wondered why there is a light house right in the middle of the southern Utah desert?  Now you can find out!

The Providence Center Lighthouse

The Providence Center Lighthouse was the idea of Thomas Pugh and constructed by the Quantum Development Group. For many years, the Quantum Development Group had been working on many of the Rocky Mountain region’s most unique projects (Thanksgiving Point, Riverwoods, Gateway
Technology Center, etc…) and when they were asked to develop the Providence Center, they knew that this project needed something different that would make the Providence Center known by everyone and would create a buzz about the project.

After working on several ideas, Thomas Pugh decided that a Lighthouse would give the area a landmark and give the city something that would attract attention. The lighthouse has accomplished both of those things. The lighthouse is ninety feet tall and at a 5,236 foot elevation it is the tallest inland lighthouse. It has ninety-two and a half steps inside the lighthouse that lead to the top and there is a working light guiding people from I-15 to the Southern Utah’s largest shopping and dining centers. In the past, the lighthouse was open for public events. Currently it is only opened for very special occasions. At the present time, more than 45 couples have become engaged at the top of the lighthouse.

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July 31, 2011

The Most Popular Restaurants in Cedar City Revealed!

Whether you are new to Cedar City or have been coming for years, we have some great recommendations for local dining!  We have gathered reviews from our guests, our staff, Cedar locals, and the internet to bring you this list.  We have included some of the most popular dishes, according to our sources and the restaurants themselves.  Please tell us about your experiences with these and other restaurants, and let us know if we need to add more!This list is organized by category not by rating.



La Casa Don Miguel                  453 S Main St, Cedar City             435-586-6855

  1. House Specialty-Chile Rellenos, Chile Colorado, Chile Verde
  2. Tacos al Carbon
  3. Enchilada Verdes
  4. Pollo A la Crema                        Beer or Liquor License

 Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant   2052 W Cross Hollows Rd  435-867-8898

We are waiting to get specific recommendations.  Pretty much everthing is great!

Beer or Liquor License


Ninja Japanese Steakhouse       1180 Sage Dr #A, Cedar City    435-867-5577

  1. Sushi                                                   Beer or Liquor License
  2. Hibachi Grill

Ask the Abbey Inn for a coupon which provides 10% off and a free dessert


Sweet Basil Thai       1322 S Providence Ctr Dr, Cedar City       345-865-5937

  1. Panang or Masman Curry               They ask how spicy you would like it
  2. Chicken Pad Thai                                               on a scale from 1-10.
  3. Tom Kar Gai Soup
  4. Sticky Rice Mango (dessert)


Milt’s Stage Stop      5 Miles E. on Hwy 14 (up  Cedar Canyon) 435-586-9344

All meals come with salad bar, hot rolls, and choice of sides.

  1. Prime Rib                                             Beer or Liquor License
  2. Milt’s Special Ribeye                                                   
  3. Filet Mignon with Lobster, Crab, or Shrimp

Ask the Abbey Inn for a coupon for a free piece of cheese cake w/ 2 entrees


Rusty’s Ranch House              3 miles E on Hwy 14                435-586-3839

All meals come with house salad, fresh bread, and choice of side.

  1. Baby Back Ribs                      Beer and Liquor License
  2. Filet Mignon
  3. Coconut Shrimp

Ask the Abbey Inn for a coupon for a free dessert w/ any 2 entrees.


Market Grill                      2290 W Hwy 56                         435-586-9325

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  Everything Home Cooked!  Fresh Cut Steaks

  1. Steaks
  2. Chicken Fried Steaks


Garden House           164 S 100W, Cedar City                      435-586-6110


  1. Home-made soups (changes every day)
  2. Gourmet Sandwiches
  3. Gourmet Salads


  1. Prime Rib
  2. Festival Pasta
  3. Chicken Marsala Florentine
  4. New York Steak


  1. Creme Brulee
  2. Lemon Bar
  3. Brownie Sunday

Pastry Pub                86 W University Blvd, Cedar City    435-867-1400


  1. Cheese Bagel Sandwich
  2. Pub or Asian Salad
  3. California Bagel


  1. Bruschetta Pasta
  2. Quesadillas
  3. Gyros

Desserts and Beverages:

  1. Tiger Cake
  2. Custard Tarts
  3. Coffees
  4. Italian Sodas
  5. Shakes
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