August 3, 2013

Tour of Utah Race

Tour of Utah

The Larry H. Mill Tour of Utah Race is coming to Cedar City on Tuesday August 6th. Many months have been spent in preparation for the highly anticipated event, and we are excited to welcome the athletes and staff. Teams from each continent will be competing in this rigorous race, and Southern Utah offers steep climbs with a gorgeous backdrop for these world-class athletes. The race will be broadcast live in 50 countries.

Stage 1 begins in Brian Head at 9,600 feet, which is the highest starting point of any other race in North America, a this season. Riders will encounter a sharp climb to Cedar Breaks National Monumewhere they will look over the natural amphitheatre comprised of red sedimentary rock sculptures called hoodoos. Next, riders will race to the highest point of the day, Markagunt Plateau, at 10,300 feet. For a reprieve, riders will enjoy a descent to placid Panguitch Lake and down through Cedar Canyon. The excitement will peak as the athlete are greeted in Cedar City and race to the finish line located in the Historic Downtown of Cedar.

The Tour of Utah was nominated for the 2013 Sport Travel Award, and we look forward to hosting such a prestigious event. We hope that many will see the challenges and beauty that can be enjoyed in Southern Utah and that future riders of all skill levels will come test their stamina in our mountains.

Here is a glimpse of the course:

Brian Head

brian head mountain summer


Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks Hoodoos


Markagunt Plateau

Markagunt Plateau


Panguitch Lake

Panquitch Lake


Down Town Cedar City

Down Town Cedar City

August 7, 2012

Festival of Flavors and Brewfest

August 10 – 11

3rd annual Festival of Flavors & Brewfest held at Double Tree Resort and Spa & Cedar Breaks Lodge. Join the Brewfest, Wine, & Spirits Tasting event – Friday held 7:00pm to 1:00am at the Lift Bar & Patio and Cedar Breaks Bar & Grill. Kegs are tapped, bottles corked, spirits poured, food served, and live bands start jamming Saturday at 11:00am and go until 8:00pm – the party then moves inside to the Lift Bar & Patio and Cedar Breaks Bar & Grill. For information go to or call 435-677-9000 or 435-677-3000.

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April 12, 2012

Brian Head Spring and Summer Activities


Brian Head Resort is not just for skiing!  In fact, you may find that spring, summer, or fall is your favorite time to visit.  Boasting of gorgeous wildflowers, plentiful wildlife, fiery autumn foliage, and year-round cool temperatures, Brian Head provides a lovely reprieve from the desert heat.  Be sure to include Brian Head in your summer Southern Utah adventures.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing some activities to enjoy at Brian Head.  Today we’ll discuss hiking, but be sure to check back with us for other activities.

Brian Head is a popular destination for hikers in the summer due to its year-round cool temperatures.  When the desert temps are hitting +100 degrees, the resort is hovering around a comfortable 70 degrees Farenheit.  Brian Head offers a variety of trails ranging from easy to difficult.  If you’re looking for a leisurely afternoon stroll, you can ride the chair lift up the mountain a short distance and walk back down.  If you’re looking for a challenge, one trail will take you up the mountain where you peak at about 11,000 ft in elevation.

Listed below are some popular trails, their difficulty levels, and a short description of what you’ll encounter.  Enjoy!

All New Color Country – Beginner to Intermediate   

This top to Bottom Trail offers a gradual winding descent through a variety of scenic delights; lush meadows, bubbling springs, dense forest, and the famous Southern Utah Red Rock Vistas.  enjoy the Color Country trail by itself, or use it to mis and match other trail segments all day long. 

6 Trial Loop – Beginner to Intermediate 

Another one of Brian Head’s undiscovered gems; the 6 trail loop is a combination of trails looping the upper elevations of Brian Head Peak.  Offering some of the most diverse and spectacular views in a short 4.6 mile loop, the six trails together are; Color Country , Peak Access Trail, Sidney Peak Trial, Dark Hollow, Mace’s, and Timberline.  X-Country riders and hikers alike agree that this is a must do! 

Brian Head Peak Access Trail – Intermediate   

This short ascent around Brian Head Peak is used to gain access to the Sidney Peaks Trail Head and many more mountain bike trail options.  This under utilized trail across the exposed south side of Brian Head Peak offers some of the most stunning flowery meadow views. 

Lightning Point – Intermediate  

This trail splits off early from the Coor Country Trail.  After crossing UT Hwy 143 you will enjoy open meadows, before ascending through the forest overlooking Ashdown Gorge and Cedar Breaks National Monument behind Lightning Point Mountain.  Drop into the Upper Bear Flat Campground and to coast down UT Hwy 143, a short distance back to the Brian Head REsort Mountain Bike Park.

Even though the temperatures are not extreme, be sure to drink enough water and wear sun protection.  Most areas have good cell phone coverage, so you can call 435-677-2035 for help in case of an emergency.  Be safe and have fun!

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March 28, 2012

Brian Head Spring Carnival

Ski at Brian Head and bring your kids for the Brian Head Spring Carnival! 

The carnival will be held 11:00am to 3:00pm at Giant Steps and Navajo Lodge (Brian Head). Events at Giant Steps include: 11:00am Tennis Ball Roll, 12:00pm Round The Mountain Race, 12:30pm Dummy Jump, and 2:00pm Pond Skimming (registration is at the Chair 9 Deli, Giant Steps Lodge Third Floor. Kids Events at Navajo Lodge from 11:00am to 3:00pm and include Basketball Free Throw, Long Jump, and Tennis Ball Roll (no registration necessary, kids can participate anytime). For information call 866-930-1010 or visit

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