October 15, 2013

21 Years of Service

Susan Tuckett

As many of you may know, we’ve recently said farewell to our Commander in Chief of 21 years, Susan Tuckett.  She has retired from her position as General Manager of the Abbey Inn.  The staff and guests of the Abbey Inn will miss her more than we can say, but we wish her all the best as she enters this exciting chapter of her life.

Susan grew up in Salt Lake but has lived in Cedar City for 21 year, and she considers it home.  She raised her family here and developed many wonderful relationships over the years.

Here is what she had to say about Cedar City:


Favorite local restaurant?  

“Rusty’s Ranch House”


Favorite activity in Southern Utah?

“Hiking Zion or camping on Cedar Mountain”


Local Insight?

“All of the activities that encompass why Cedar City and Iron County are the best place to live and visit. ie; Neil Simon Festival, the 4th and 24th of July parades, July Jamboree, Christmas programs, Skiing/biking/hiking Brianhead, the beautiful country, the fall leaves, the amazing people who live and work here.” “…the impact that the Utah Summer Games, Utah Shakespeare Festival and National Parks have had on the City. The joy of working with the community for its success and getting to build so many friendships with those who love the city as much as I do. Building relationships with with people like Maria Twitchell of Tourism Bureau. Becky Lewis, who works so hard with our travel industry. All the staff who leads the Festival and the Games to the height they have attained.”


Thank you Susan for your commitment to our town and to the Abbey Inn.  We love and miss you!  We also want to say welcome to our new GM Eddy, but we’ll do a separate post for that.

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