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The Kolob Canyons section of Zion is considered to be the most conveniently located national park in all of Utah. It is right off Interstate 15.  Kolob remains a little known secret to most visitors of Southern Utah.

Kolob Canyons has soaring cliffs of red Navajo sandstone and deep canyons. There are unique geological history with diverse animal and plant life.  There are many trails and picnic sites for your pleasure. The word “Kolob” comes from Mormon scripture meaning “residence closest to heaven”.

THE DRIVE; Visitors may access the Kolob Canyons from 1-15 exit #40.  There is a visitor Center for more information about the park.

The views along the five mile scenic byway are breathtaking. The red sandstone and lush green foliage have a wondrous contrast. In the early spring the waterfalls from the winter snow melt, can be found cascading down the steep cliffs.

PICNICS: Kolob is a favorite picnic spot for locals and visitors. The Timbercreek overlook features a picnic area with tables and trees for shade. Access the picnic area by walking up the Timbercreek Trail for a few yards.

WILDLIFE VIEWING: Kolob has many different wildlife to see. Mule deer, jack rabbits and rock squirrels can be seen everywhere. Keep you eyes open! Birds of every kind will excite,  even the most novice bird watcher. There are ravens, blue scrub jay, red tail hawks and golden eagles in the skies. Lizards can be seen sunning them selves. Coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, foxes and skunks inhabit the canyons, too.

Please observe the wildlife and not interrupt their activities. Human food is not good for them and they can injure you, if you get too close.

HIKING: There are several hikes in Kolob. Timbercreek Trail is at the roads end. it is about one mile, round trip. The trail follows the ridge top to a small peak. Middle Fork of Taylor Creek is located about two miles from the Visitor Center along the Kolob Scenic Byway. The hike is about 5 miles, round trip. Plan about 4 hours up and back. The hike is moderate to difficult.  KOLOB ARCH is approximately 3.5 miles from the Visitors Center at Lee’s Pass. This hike is an all day hike, about 14.4 miles round trip. Hike is considered moderate to strenuous. backcountry camping is permitted in designated areas and requires a permit.

LEAVE NO TRACE!! Stay on trail, do not take shortcuts. Camp without leaving a trace. Carry out all garbage, please. Avoid walking on sensitive foliage and plantings.

Entrance Fees to the park are $25.00 per vehicle and is good for 7 days.


Information provided by Cedar City/Brianhead Tourism

This is a place, you DO NOT want to miss.

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